Happy 2023 from Sydney Harbour!

For two  months we’ve been working towards getting here, I reckon.

More like since 2018, our new Aussie acquaintance replies. 

Quite right, thought I. Not that we embarked in this sailing around the world adventure with the sole objective of seeing Sydney Harbour fireworks, but this undoubtedly was going to be an important milestone in our sailing around the world voyage. 

There we were at last, on Lake Macquarie, not far from Sydney Harbour and our dream was about to come true. Making dreams happen is hard work, but it is so worth it!

Very early mornings, treacherous sandbars crossings and running aground on Lake Macquarie were some of the challenges we had to face cruising Australia on our way south, along with some amazing discoveries and catching up with long estranged friends as rewards

Once in Sydney Harbour we dropped the hook in Athol Bay with a picture perfect view of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The days in the bay would gradually unfold from the gentle lullaby of the morning, with seals groaning and lions roaring at the neighbouring Sydney Zoo, to a vigorous shaking as the day progressed with the night culminating to a chaotic potpourri of tunes, cheering and selfies frenzy. All this mayhem under the unflappable stunning Sydney Opera House and imposing Harbour Bridge, with helicopters and sea planes constantly buzzing overhead.

As compelling as the views were, we could not take more than one full day in animated Athol Bay. On Christmas Day we made our escape sailing past the stunning Opera House and under the imposing Harbour Bridge towards a quieter anchorage that we called home until just before the New Year Eve, when we regained our pole position in Athol Bay, ready for what was going to be a once in a lifetime experience – the Sydney Harbour fireworks!

Closing 2022 in style, enjoying good food and the Sydney Harbour fireworks

Sadly the passing into the new year did not turned out quite as expected. Neither for us nor for the poor animals at the neighbouring Sydney Zoo who must have gotten the fright of a lifetime…

For us, unforeseen circumstances led to our Melbourne friends not showing up for New Year’s Eve which snowballed into some really unpleasant complications that greatly diminished our joy of passing into the New Year on one of the most beautiful harbours of the world under the fireworks embellished night skies. Such a bummer!

Was it all just bad luck? Or was 2022 throwing at us one of its final lessons saying:- do not jump to conclusions too early, I am not as good as you thought…

Ode to 2022

For us 2022 was the year of freedom resumed
Of the end of doom and gloom,
Of the world making its way
Towards a more normal day.

Eager and impatient, tired of being pinned
From Waiheke Island we went Outwiththewind.
We sailed on the first of Jan without a wince
And the sailing year blossomed ever since.

Back to the tropics in May,
Slowly making our way
To the fireworks display
Best rejoiced down in Sydney!

From sailing back to the tropics on high seas to the happy arrival in 🇦🇺, 2022 was an outstanding sailing year!

Even if on a  personal level 2022 was a bloody challenging year, with the passing of my father last January, sailing wise 2022 was one of our best years. We are grateful for it and we look forward to some more great sailing in 2023. Happy New Year to you, All!

2 thoughts on “Happy 2023 from Sydney Harbour!”

  1. Happy New Year to you. I love reading your blog.
    I hope new years day was just a hiccup and you have a wonderful 2023.

    1. Happy new year, Jonathan! Never too late and never too many times!
      A hiccup indeed! Lucidly with happy ending 😮‍💨 Hope we will give you the full account one day over a glass of French wine and cheese🤗

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